Find Isildur’s Puzzle Box

Benefice says:

Some say that Iseldir's Puzzle Box is cursed and that use of it will make the owner go slowly mad. This can't be true! All of my studies have provided me with enough proof to determine that the box is the ultimate game in Jadame--not that ridiculous card game, Arcomage. The last reported owner of Iseldir's Puzzle Box was Zanthora, who is also known as the Mad Necromancer of Shadowspire.

Find Isildur’s Puzzle Box

You receive this Quest from Benefice in the House of Benefice in Shadowspire (x –116; y –14804).

Find Isildur’s Puzzle Box and bring it to Benefice.

Find Isildur’s Puzzle Box

It’s in the Mad Necromancer’s Lab, Shadowspire.

Reward: 15000 XP and 7500 GP.

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