Kill the Ogres

Keldon says:

The forces of the Ogre Mage, Zog moved into this area right around the time that the bright flash traveled across the night sky. They harass and even kill travelers who seek to reach the city of Alvar. It would be of great service to Alvar if you were to eliminate all of the Ogres that harass the roads to Alvar and the Ogres in the fortress near the city of Alvar. Return to me when you have killed all of the ogres in this region, and I will reward you.

Kill the Ogres

You receive this Quest from Keldon in Keldonís Cottage in Alvar (x 15908; y 13168).

Kill all ogres in the region and in the fortress near the city.

Kill the Ogres

Donít forget those up on the hills.

Reward: 10000 XP and 7500 GP.

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