Recover the Nightshade Brazier (Alliance Quest: Necromancers)

Sandro says:

If we had the Nightshade Brazier back in our possession, Shadowspire's defense would not be an issue. We could bring this war to the doors of the Sun Temple. We would annihilate them!

Knowing its importance, the clerics keep the brazier in a secure chamber deep within their temple. Dyson Leland believes he can gain access to that chamber. Bring him to the temple, recover the brazier and return it to me. You want me in your alliance? Well, do this for me, and I will be in your debt.

If you have any questions about the Nightshade Brazier ask Thant. It was he who created the thing.

Thant says:

Without false modesty I must say that the Nightshade Brazier is the greatest creation of my dark arts. When its fires are properly tended, the accursed sun is incapable of shining within its area of influence. The soothing shadow of night takes up permanent residence over a vast region. Within these boundaries, vampires and other night creatures know freedoms they would not otherwise know. We are free of the crypts with no worries of the destroying light of day!

And now the Temple of the Sun has taken my prize. It must be retrieved!

Recover the Nightshade Brazier (Alliance Quest: Necromancers)

You receive this Quest from Sandro in the throne Room of the Necromancers' Guild in Shadowspire (top floor, SE elevator).

Bring the Nightshade Brazier to the Necromancerís Guild leader, Sandro. The Brazier is in the Temple of the Sun (Murmurwoods).

Recover the Nightshade Brazier (Alliance Quest: Necromancers)

Sandro tells you Dyson Leland thinks he can access the room itís in; youíll need to take him with you. He can be hired in the Necro Guild; top floor, SW Elevator.

Reward: 12500 XP, unknown GP and Sandro agrees to the Alliance.

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