Rescue the Elemental Lords

Escaton says:

I would judge that you've answered the riddles correctly. I suppose in asking them to you I have in some way helped you. As far as I and my nature are concerned, this is sufficient.

As a reward for your performance, take this small bauble. I have more than one and therefore, more than I require. And see? I can give it to you because I don't know you have the knowledge to use it.

Xanthor says:

That the elemental lords are imprisoned on the Plane Between Planes explains much. I had wondered why the denizens of the Earth, Air, Water, and Fire Planes have become so hostile. Usually, they are content to keep to their own place in the order. I suppose it was necessary for the Destroyer to take the lords from their homelands. Without the lords calming presence, it would be much easier for him to compel the elementals as he has.

It is important for you to free the elemental lords. They can restore order to their planes and prevent the cataclysm!

Rescue the Elemental Lords

You receive this Quest from Escaton in the throne room of Escaton's Palace in the Plane Between Planes.

This appears in your log as 4 quests -- one for each Lord. Find them and free them.

Rescue the Elemental Lords

There is a prison in each quadrant of the Plane Between Planes.

Reward: 100000 XP and 10000 GP each time you free a Plane Lord.

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