Kill the Dragons

Avalon says:

You seek to gain the favor of Charles Quixote? Help us in his crusade against the Dragons of Garrote Gorge. If all of the Dragons in the region and in the Dragon Cave are slain, Charles Quixote will be sure to hear of your name! Return to me when they are all dead! I will reward you well.

Kill the Dragons

You receive this Quest from Avalon in Avalon’s Residence in Garrote Gorge (x 9286; y –5727).

Kill all the dragons in the region and in the Dragon Cave.

Kill the Dragons

In the far room of the dragoncave is a dragontreasure… artifacts etc.

Reward: Well, no one we know has done this Quest, but figure about 20000 XP & 2500 GP. Please tell us if you know the precise numbers.

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