Retrieve the Elemental Hearts

Xanthor says:

Since the crystal is attuned to the elemental forces, it will only pass through those who are themselves so attuned. I believe it is possible to create a key that will simulate attunement for a small group such as yourselves. I can make the key, but require components of pure elemental forces to do so.

Such components exist in only one form that I know of. On each of the four elemental planes, you will find gemstones called the "elemental hearts." Bring these to me and I will build the key to open the crystal gateway.

Retrieve the Elemental Hearts

You receive this Quest from Xanthor in his Hostel in Ravenshore (x 13362; y 9409).

Bring the Heart of Water to Xanthor.

Retrieve the Elemental Hearts

Entrance to the Plane of Water is in the Ravage Roaming area.

Reward: 100000 XP upon exiting the plane with the Heart; 250000 XP and entrance to the crystal when you bring all the Hearts back to Xanthor.

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