Report to Bastian Loudrin

Elgar Fellmoon says:

As you may be aware, our guild headquarters is located in the city of Alvar. If you've never been there, the easiest way to reach it is to follow the river up through the canyon to the north.

Go to the guild house and find Bastian Loudrin. Tell him about the crystal, and the rumors. Lourdrin will know what to do.

Report to Bastian Loudrin

You receive this Quest from Elgar Fellmoon in the doorway of the Merchant House of Alvar in Ravenshore (x 9470; y 6351).

Go to the Merchant Guildhouse in Alvar and talk to Bastian Loudrin.

Report to Bastian Loudrin

Walk north or take a coach on Monday or Saturday.

Reward: 15000 XP and 2000 GP upon reporting.

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