Deliver the Fire Resistance Potions

Pole says:

The survivors in this region need Potions of Fire Resistance! With them we can survive until a place is found for us to move to! Take these potions! Unfortunately they are all I have! Deliver them to the six southernmost houses that remain standing in the village of Rust!

Deliver the Fire Resistance Potions

You receive this Quest from Pole in Pole’s Hovel in Ironsand Desert (x –8696; y 3294).

Deliver Potions of Fire Resistance to 6 southernmost Houses in Rust.

Deliver the Fire Resistance Potions

Pole gives you 3 potions; you must find/buy 3 more. You can buy them at the potion shop in Shadowspire if you can’t mix them.

Please note that the note in the Quest log erroneously tells you to report back to Hobert. Talk to Pole instead.

Reward: 1000 XP per potion on delivery and 1500 GP on reporting back to Pole.

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