Deliver a Blackmail Letter to Arion Hunter

Elgar Fellmoon says:

The local smugglers have the fastest boats in Ravenshore. If these were available to my agents, they could make quick scouting missions up and down the coast so we could see the extent of the cataclysm mentioned in Dadeross' letter.

Here. Bring this letter to the smuggler leader, Arion Hunter. I'm sure it will "persuade" him to lend his services. You'll find his hideout westward up the coast.

Oh, I almost forgot. The smugglers--they're wererats--and you know how they can be. Hunter can be reasoned with, but don't be surprised if his crew is less than civil.

Deliver a Blackmail Letter to Arion Hunter

You receive this Quest from Elgar Fellmoon in the doorway of the Merchant House of Alvar in Ravenshore (x 9470; y 6351).

Deliver Fellmoon’s blackmail letter to Arion Hunter, leader of the Wererat Smugglers. Report back to Fellmoon.

Deliver a Blackmail Letter to Arion Hunter

Smuggler’s Cove is in SW Ravenshore, on the shoreline. There’s a hidden door on the back wall of the entrance cavern.

Reward: 12000 XP and 0 GP, you get additional XP upon reporting your success.

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