Sink the Regnan Fleet

Elgar Fellmoon says:

Our sources believe the main Regnan fleet is in a hidden port somewhere on Regna Island. If you could sink the fleet in dock you could greatly cripple their ability to patrol the seas off our shore. Unfortunately, we don't have a fleet of our own strong enough to make a landing on Regna.

Brekish Onefang has gotten message to us that the Regnans have built an outpost on an atoll off the main Dagger Wound Island. He believes this outpost is resupplied by mysterious means. His scouts never see ships land there, but they are always well stocked. Perhaps you should go there and solve the mystery. Perhaps the answer will convey you to Regna?

Regardless of the means, the Regnan fleet must be sunk if the Ironfists are to land in Ravenshore.

Sink the Regnan Fleet

You receive this Quest from Elgar Fellmoon in the Council Chamber of the Merchant House of Alvar in Ravenshore (upstairs).

Sink the Regnan Fleet and return.

Sink the Regnan Fleet

Go to Dagger Wound area; the pirates have built a new base. Explore it; you’ll find transportation to Regna. Go to the Pirate’s Keep, there’s a cannonball in a chest. Put the cannonball into the cannon you’ll find in the hills above the Regnan ships. Boom.

Reward: 100000 XP and 1000 GP

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