Recover the Shield Eclipse

Lathius says:

Many decades ago, the legendary Priest of the Sun, Camien Thryce, led a crusade against the Necromancers' Guild in Shadowspire. The Guild was able to defeat Thryce's forces with the aid of the Vampires that also dwell in the Shadowspire region. Camien Thryce carried with him the clerical artifact called Eclipse with him into battle. The shield was lost when Thryce was struck down by a Nosferatu in the final battle.

Recover the Shield Eclipse

You receive this Quest from Lathius in Lathius’ House in Ravenshore (x 20117; y –14824).

Recover the shield, Eclipse, for Lathius in Ravenshore.

Recover the Shield Eclipse

The shield is in the Necromancer’s Guild. If the doors won’t open, hire Dyson. He’s in the Guild.

Reward: 25000 XP, 2000 GP and you get to keep the shield.

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