Drain Balthazar's Lair (Alliance Quest: Minotaurs)

Thanys says:

Balthazar Lair has many levels. There are other chambers as high as this one, so there may be others who have survived.

I have thought long on this. Though many of the tunnels are flooded, it may be possible to drain them using the doors and air vents as valves. In fact, the whole lair could be drained through the lower level escape tunnel. Help my herd! You would have our eternal gratitude.

Drain Balthazar's Lair (Alliance Quest: Minotaurs)

You receive this Quest from Thanys in Balthazar Lair (Thanys' House) in Ravage Roaming (x –15; y –1030).

Rescue the Minotaurs trapped in their Lair.

Drain Balthazar's Lair (Alliance Quest: Minotaurs)

You have to get rid of the floodwaters. Flip the first switch you see, the *A* switch. Go down the ramp. You’ll find a note near the pile of bones giving you the order in which you must flip the switches. When you have finished you’ll find the Minotaur Leader in his house on the very bottom level, down the ramp from the last switch. He will gratefully agree to the Alliance.

The Minotaurs will appear the next time you reload the Lair. You'll also have access to the main entrance on the top floor.

Switch order is: A, B, C, E, G, D, J, C, E, F, D, I, C, lowest. (Switch A will reset everything.)

Reward: 20000 XP, 0 GP and the Minotaurs will join the alliance. Return to Thanys and he will join your party.

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