Rescue Hunterís Daughter

Arion Hunter says:

The Merchants of Alvar took my family into what they termed "protective custody" and use this as the means to secure my services. However as the caravan with my family was returning to Alvar, they were attacked by Ogres and bandits. The Ogre Zog, took my family from them! He took them to his fortress in the Alvar region. Now, I am to spy on the Merchants of Alvar for him. As long as I do so, my family lives. If I stop, they die. Can you rescue them for me?

Rescue Hunterís Daughter

You receive this Quest from Arion Hunter in the throne room of Smuggler's Cove in Ravenshore.

Rescue Arion Hunterís daughter from the Ogre Fortress in Alvar.

Rescue Hunterís Daughter

Thereís a button just inside the entrance to the upper room (the one with the 2 chests in it) that lowers the bars that block the way down into the lower dungeon. The button is hard to see. This quest remained in my questbook after completion.

Reward: 5000 for rescuing Irabella & 15000 XP for reporting to Arion. 10000 GP.

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