Find the Cheeses

Asael Fromago says:

I have traveled to these lands to catalog its array of available cheese. My task is nearly complete, but there are yet three cheeses I have yet to sample. These are Frelandeau, Eldenbrie and Dunduck. I would reward highly any who could locate these rare and reputedly tasty culinary gems for me.

Elsie Apple says:

Well, if you're looking for cheese, I daresay you will find it in the churches of Eep. You know mice like cheese. Well, this rule also applies to the ratmen of Eep. It is said that they keep a horde of the stuff in each of their temples.

Find the Cheeses

You receive this Quest from Asael Fromago in Fromago Manor in Alvar (x 14269; y 21007).

Find a wheel of Frelandeau cheese, a log of Eldenbrie cheese and a ball of Dunduck cheese and bring them to Asael Fromago.

Find the Cheeses

The Eldenbrie is in the Ravenshore Chapel of Eep. The Frelandeau is in the Garrote Gorge Grand Chapel of Eep. The Dunduck cheese is in the church of Eep, Ravage Roaming. Hint for the church: You have to jump to get through doorways. You can get the doors to open in the second room by hopping up on the crate. Then jump to the doorway. Hint for the Garrote Gorge Grand Chapel of Eep: There's a button on the side of a desk in the easternmost room that opens passage behind the altar.

Reward: 20000 XP and 25000 GP.

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