Find the Cause of the Cataclysm

Xanthor says:

There. It is built. Take this Conflux Key. As I have explained, it will allow you to use the crystal in the town square as a gateway--much as you've used the elemental gateways to reach the elemental planes. The crystal gateway will take you to the place between the planes.

On this "Plane Between Planes" you must find the source of the cataclysm. What it is, I don't know, but whatever it is, it is there. Go now! The fate of the land, I'm afraid, lies on your shoulders. Be worthy of the task!

Find the Cause of the Cataclysm

You receive this Quest from Xanthor in his Hostel in Ravenshore (x 13362; y 9409).

Find the cause of the cataclysm through the crystal gateway.

Find the Cause of the Cataclysm

He gives you the Conflux Key; the Crystal is open to you. When you get to the machine, push the button for a pattern; you must repeat the pattern to activate the transporter. The pattern (with you facing the machine) is: left, right, middle, left, middle, right, left, right, left. Step to the transporter behind you and go to the Plane Between Planes. Go to Escaton's Palace, talk to Escaton. Riddle answers are Prison, Inside, Egg. Then go free the Plane Lords from their prisons.

Reward: 100000 XP and 10000 GP each time you free a Plane Lord. Go back to Ravenshore to win.

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