Find Cauri Blackthorne (Patriarch Promotion)

Relburn Jeebes says:

The Merchant Council had sent our greatest warrior, Cauri Blackthorne, to consult with the Sun Temple priests about the disasters that have struck all of Jadame.

Cauri left for the Temple of the Sun in Murmurwoods shortly after rumors of the cataclysms were heard here in Alvar. She was to return after consulting the priests. We are very concerned that she has not returned.

As for your promotion, only Cauri can accurately test your skills and assess your worthiness for promotion. If you find her, provide her with any assistance she may need and return here with news of her status and location.

Dantillion says:

Cauri Blackthorne was here well over a week ago, maybe longer. She had asked us many questions about the elemental incursions. We provided her with what information we had here. She said she would return to Alvar with the information. Before she left, we asked her if she could do a favor for us. We asked her if she could check on a group of pilgrims that were traveling to the old Druid Circle of Stone to the northeast of here. She assured us that she would check in on them on her way back to Alvar.

Find Cauri Blackthorne (Patriarch Promotion)

You receive this Quest from Relburn Jeebes in the Blackthorne Estate in Alvar (x 13119; y 20734).

The game tells you to return to Dantillion, but this is not necessary. Find Cauri Blackthorne and return to Relburn Jeebes in Alvar.

Find Cauri Blackthorne (Patriarch Promotion)

Go see Dantillon in Murmurwoods. He’ll give you 5 scrolls of Stone to Flesh. Use them on the statues you will find scattered around the old Druid Circle of Stone to the NE of his house. Four are pilgrims; one is Cauri. Her statue is: x 15651; y 15132, north and slightly east of the circle. She’ll promote you on the spot. If you’ve tossed your scrolls, check the stores in Shadowspire or Balthazar’s Lair. Save before entering; reload until you get one.

Reward: 35000 XP and Patriarch status for Dark Elves; 25000 XP for the others; 0 GP. Return to Relburn Jeebes for another reward: 15000 GP.

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