Find Isthric the Tongue

Rohtnax says:

My brother, Isthric the Tongue, went to check on the tobersk plants on one of the lesser islands. He has not returned! I am afraid that he is one of those stranded by the cataclysm. He may even be hurt! If you were to fix the Portals of Stone, he would surely be able to return, and we could get help to those who need it! Find him for me!

Find Isthric the Tongue

You receive this Quest from Rohtnax in Rohtnaxís House in Dagger Wound Island (x 15272; y 4706).

Find Isthric the Toungue, brother of Rohtnax, and return to Rohtnax.

Find Isthric the Tongue

Isthricís House is on the western island. Talk to him and heíll go back to his brother on his own; donít forget to return to Rohtnax for your reward.

Reward: 750 XP and 2 Cure Wound potions.

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