Retrieve the lost Book of Khel (Lich Promotion)

Vetrinus Taleshire says:

Ah, you seek to achieve the ultimate in the darker arts. The necromancer’s among you seek to turn themselves into Liches, the most potent of necromancers. Very well, I can perform this transformation for you, but you must do something for me...and get something for yourselves. I require the Lost Book of Khel. It contains secrets of necromancy that had been hidden since Khel’s tower sank beneath the waves. The Lizardmen of Dagger Wound celebrated when the sea took Khel and his knowledge from us. With the volcanic upheaval in that region, I believe the Tower of Khel can be found. Retrieve the book from the library and bring it to me! Now, for yourselves, you will need a Lich Jar for every necromancer that wishes to become a Lich. Zanthora, the Mad Necromancer keeps a large supply of these jars, perhaps she will sell you one! If not you must take them from her!

Retrieve the lost Book of Khel (Lich Promotion)

You receive this Quest from Vetrinus Taleshire in Taleshire Hall in Shadowspire (x –9959; y –14016).

Find the lost Book of Khel. (And you’ll need Lich Jars.)

Retrieve the lost Book of Khel (Lich Promotion)

Retrieve the Book of Khel from the library and return it to Vetrinus Taleshire. The Book of Khel is located in the Uplifted Librairy on an island in the Dagger Wound Islands. You’ll need Fly or WaterWalk to get there. Requires a Lich Jar for every Necromancer desiring promotion. The Lich Jars are in the Mad Necromancer’s Lab.

Reward: Necromancers get 35000 XP and Lich status. All other characters get 25000 XP. 0 GP.

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