Find the Bone of Doom

Tantilion says:

For years the Guild of Necromancers has searched for the Bone of Doom. The powerful artifact would be of great use to them if recovered. If you were to find this item and bring it to me, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams.

He also tells you:

In times almost forgotten a powerful Necromancer named Zacharia almost dominated all of Jadame. His mastery of the dark arts of necromancy and the elemental magics were combined with an unnaturally strong afinity for Dark energy. His legions of undead helped him enslave all peoples, including the Dark Elves of Alvar. A plan was made by the Temple of the Sun to defeat Zacharia. Utilizing the combined might of all of the Clerics in the Temple they forged the sword named Solkrist. The Patriarch of the Temple led the legions of the Sun against the forces of Zacharia. The battle raged for years after which the forces of the Temple of the Sun found themselves at the base of the dreaded Shadowspire. There the Patriarch battled Zarcharia in single combat. At the end of the battle both the Patriarch and Zacharia lay dead. The Patriarch had cut the left arm from Zacharia's body just as the Necromancer's last spell stopped the Patriarch's heart. The power of the sword Solkrist instantly slew the Necromancer. Solkrist disappeared forever in the mayhem after the fight, as did the arm of Zacharia. The bone from this arm was so instilled with such Dark Magic that it was called the Bone of Doom.

Find the Bone of Doom

You receive this Quest from Tantilion in Tantillion’s House in Shadowspire (x –7027; y –14017).

Find the Bone of Doom for Tantallion of Shadowspire.

Find the Bone of Doom

The Bone is in a chest in the Dire Wolf Den dungeon in Ravenshore.

Reward: 7500 XP and 15000 GP.

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