Find a Cure for Blazen

Blazen Stormlance says:

Perhaps the Clerics of the Sun have a way to cure me, for they would be the only ones who would know how to counter the dark magics that afflict me. There is a friend of mine in Ravenshore named Dervish Chevron. He left the Temple of the Sun years ago to pursue his own research into the mysteries of Jadame. Perhaps he would know of a cure, or even have it in his possession. If he cannot help, promise you will return here and kill me so I may at last be at rest!

Find a Cure for Blazen

You receive this Quest from Blazen Stormlance in the Mad Necromancer's Lab (top floor) in Shadowspire.

Inquire about a cure for Blazen Stormlance from Dervish Chevron in Ravenshore.

Find a Cure for Blazen

Dervish will give you a Gem of Restoration; it will cure Blazen.

Reward: 15000 XP, 0 GP and Knight Blazen Stormlance will offer to join you.

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