Find Balthazar's Axe (Minotaur Lord Promotion)

Tessalar says:

Only Masul, our herd leader, can deem an individual worthy of the title of Minotaur Lord. One way to prove your worth, would be to recover his fatherís axe, the Axe of Balthazar from the bowels of the Mines of the Dark Dwarfs. Set your feet upon the path of this quest, and great is you future! But we must be sure that the axe you find is indeed the Axe of Balthazar. Take the Axe to Dadeross, a Minotaur in the service of the Merchants of Alvar, on the island of Dagger Wound. He will be able to verify the truth of what you find.

He also tells you:

Balthazar, the greatest leader in the history of our herd, led our warriors in a mighty battle against the Dark Dwarf vermin that erupt from the earth and spread like a plague. It was not a battle that went well for us. Though Balthazar and some warriors escaped, many were lost along with Balthazar's Axe--his regalia of office, and a powerful artifact as well.

Find Balthazar's Axe (Minotaur Lord Promotion)

You receive this Quest from Tessalar in Balthazar Lair (Tessalarís House) in Ravage Roaming (x Ė921 y Ė5944).

Recover Balthazarís Axe from the Dark Dwarf Compound. Have the Axe authenticated by Dadeross on Dagger Wound Island. Return it to Tessalar.

Find Balthazar's Axe (Minotaur Lord Promotion)

Dark Dwarf Compound is in Avlar.

Reward: Minotaurs get 35000 XP and Minotaur Lord status; others get 25000 XP. 0 GP.

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