Put the Ashes in the Tomb

Overdune Snapfinger says:

I would come with you, If it were not for my father. So deep is his mourning for my brother, Vilebite, that he cannot care for himself.

My father believes that Vilebite's soul cannot rest until his remains are at rest in the village tomb. Unfortunately, Gogs infested the tomb when the lake of fire appeared.

Here! Take my brother's ashes. I'm sure my father's grief will lessen if they are placed in the tomb. Do this for me and I will travel with you to Alvar.

He also tells you:

The Snapfinger family tomb is one of the lowest in our village's burial catacombs. Since we are such an honored family, our crypt is the largest. It isn't the easiest place to find--even I have become lost looking for it! When I do, I find it by keeping a hand on the right-side wall. I eventually get there.

Put the Ashes in the Tomb

You receive this Quest from Overdune Snapfinger in Overdune’s House in Ironsand Desert (x –3634; y 2461).

Put Vilebrite’s ashes in the Rust Village Tomb then return.

Put the Ashes in the Tomb

The family crypt is the only room with sarcophagi. Stand in front of the one furthest from the door and press the spacebar to deliver the ashes.

Reward: 20000 XP, 7500 GP, he offers to bear witness to the fire lake’s appearance and join you.

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