Win the Arcomage Tournament

Tonk Blueswan says:

To be declared Arcomage Champion, you must win a game of Arcomage in every tavern on, in, and under the continent of Jadame. There are 11 such taverns sponsoring Arcomage events. When you have accomplished this, return to me to claim the prize.

Win the Arcomage Tournament

You receive this Quest from Tonk Blueswan in the Blueswan Home in Ravenshore (x 17330; y 184).

Win a game of Arcomage in all 11 taverns then return to claim your reward.

Win the Arcomage Tournament

Dagger Wound (1); Ravenshore (2); Alvar (2); Ironsands (1); Garrote Gorge (1); Shadowspire (1); Murmurwoods (1); Ravage Roaming (1); Regna (1)

Reward: 50000 XP and significant treasure.

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