Find the Anointed Potion

Languid says:

I hear that Yellow Fever is once again spreading through the people. Usually the water supply here on the main island is the primary source of the disease. We used to get an Anointed Herb Potion from the mainland when the disease popped up. Without access to the dock however, we cannot get this needed cure. If you find a way to the mainland, perhaps the smugglers of Ravenshore have the cure. If you can procure the Anointed Potion, return to me with it!

Find the Anointed Potion

You receive this Quest from Languid in Languid’s Hut in Dagger Wound Island (x –12301; y –3634).

Find and return an Anointed Potion to Languid.

Find the Anointed Potion

It’s in a chest in Smuggler’s Cove Dungeon, in SW Ravenshore by the sea.

Reward: 7500 XP and 2000 GP.

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