Form an Alliance

Bastian Loudrin says:

We have identified those we believe would join an alliance to stand against the crisis. These are: the Minotaurs of Ravage Roaming, the Clerics of the Temple of the Sun in Murmurwoods, the Dragons of Garrote Gorge, the Necromancers' Guild in Shadowspire, and Charles Quixote's Dragon hunting camp in Garrote Gorge.

Now none of us believe that you can get all of them to work together, but with us and the Trolls already with the alliance, it should suffice if three of the five join us.

Perhaps you should begin by speaking with Sahil Ittalle who lives at the north end of the town. He is our guild's historian and the best person to brief you on our potential allies' various dispositions.

Sahil Ittalle says:

Lying as they do on opposite ends of the Light to Dark spectrum, relationships between the Necromancers' Guild and the Temple of the Sun have never been the best, but now they battle openly. Oskar Tyre, head priest of the Temple says a holy vision drove him to declare war on the guild so as to rid Jadame of the taint of darkness.

Both groups are relative newcomers to our continent. The guild has set up its foothold in Shadowspire, and the First (and only) Sun Temple of Jadame is in Murmurwoods.

He also tells you:

The renown Dragon slayer, Charles Quixote of Erathia, has set up a hunting expedition in Garrote Gorge. This is no "safari," in fact, it's the largest operation of this type I've heard of. The hunters have a permanent base from which they sell hides, eggs, baby dragons, and other items. Garrote Gorge has always had a large Dragon population, but I imagine they must be facing extinction--so efficient are Quixote's hunters.

Finally, he says:

The Minotaurs of Balthazar Lair in Ravage Roaming are a proud culture. Their recent defeat of the Vori Frost Giants has, if anything, made them even more fiercely independent--more sure of their ability to face any task alone. Still, I have told the guild that they would make great allies, both to face the current crisis and later as trade partners.

Form an Alliance

You receive this Quest from Bastian Loudrin in the Merchant Guildhouse in Alvar (x 7559; y 20064).

Form an alliance with the major factions of Jadame: the Minotaurs of Ravage Roaming, the Clerics of the Temple of the Sun in Murmurwoods, the Dragons of Garrote Gorge, the Necromancer’s Guild of Shadowspire and Charles Quixote of the Dragon Hunters in Garrote Gorge. (The Elves and Trolls are already members.)

Form an Alliance

Bastian Loudrin expects you to convince at least three to join. See Alliance Quests for particulars on each. Some are mutually exclusive, you must choose either/or.

Reward: You get XP and possibly GP by completing the individual Alliance Quests. Your reward for recruiting three of the five fractions is a new quest.

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