R E F E R E N C E  -  P R I N T A B L E   P O T I O N S

Note: The order of mixing does not matter.
HP=Hit Points SP=Spell Points

Simple Potions (can be mixed by anyone)
Name Recipe Effect
Cure Wounds - Cures 10 HP plus potion strength
Magic Potion - Cures 10 SP plus potion strength
Cure Weakness - Cures Weakness Condition (same as spell)

Complex Potions (requires Alchemy Skill)
Name Recipe Effect
Cure Poison Cure Wounds + Magic Potion Cures Poison
Awaken Magic Potion + Cure Weakness Awakens character (same as spell)
Cure Disease Cure Wounds + Cure Weakness Cures Disease Condition (same as spell)

Compound Potions (requires Alchemy Expert)
Name Recipe Effect
Recharge Item Magic Potion + Awaken Recharges a magic wand
(same as spell)
Harden Item Cure Weakness + Awaken Harden Item
(protects items from breaking)
Bless Awaken + Cure Wounds Bless character
(same as spell)
Cure Insanity Awaken + Cure Disease Cures Insanity
(same as spell)
Remove Curse Awaken + Cure Poison Removes Curse
(same as spell)
Haste Cure Disease + Cure Wounds Haste
(same as spell)
Stone Skin Cure Disease + Cure Weakness Stone Skin
(same as spell)
Preservation Cure Disease + Magic Potion Grants Preservation
(same as spell)
Remove Fear Cure Disease + Cure Poison Removes Fear Condition
(same as spell)
Heroism Cure Poison + Cure Wounds Grants Heroism
(same as spell)
Water Breathing Cure Poison + Cure Weakness Water Breathing
(like "Water Walk" spell)
Shield Cure Poison + Magic Potion Shield
(same as spell)

White Potions (requires Alchemy Master)
Name Recipe Effect
Divine Cure Haste + Stone Skin Cures 5 times potion strength in HP
Divine Power Recharge Item + Harden Item Cures 5 times potion strength in SP
Noxious Potion Recharge Item + Cure Disease Makes poison weapon
Noxious Potion Harden Item + Cure Poison Makes poison weapon
Flaming Potion Haste + Awaken Makes flame weapon
Flaming Potion Stone Skin + Cure Poison Makes flame weapon
Freezing Potion Heroism + Awaken Makes ice weapon
Freezing Potion Shield + Cure Disease Makes ice weapon
Shocking Potion Haste + Cure Poison Makes electric weapon
Shocking Potion Heroism + Cure Disease Makes electric weapon
Swift Potion Recharge Item + Cure Poison Makes swift weapon
Swift Potion Shield + Awaken Makes swift weapon
Divine Restoration Recharge Item + Haste Removes most conditions
Divine Restoration Stone Skin + Shield Removes most conditions
Divine Restoration Harden Item + Heroism Removes most conditions
Cure Paralysis Harden Item + Cure Disease Cures Paralysis
(same as spell)
Cure Paralysis Stone Skin + Awaken Cures Paralysis
(same as spell)
Body Resistance Recharge Item + Stone Skin Increases Body Resistance
(same as spell)
Mind Resistance Recharge Item + Heroism Increases Mind Resistance
(same as spell)
Earth Resistance Stone Skin + Heroism Increases Earth Resistance
(same as spell)
Water Resistance Shield + Harden Item Increases Water Resistance
(same as spell)
Air Resistance Shield + Haste Increases Air Resistance
(same as spell)
Fire Resistance Harden Item + Haste Increases Fire Resistance
(same as spell)
Accuracy Boost Stone Skin + Cure Disease Temporary Accuracy Boost
Intellect Boost Harden Item + Awaken Temporary Intellect Boost
Speed Boost Haste + Cure Disease Temporary Speed Boost
Personality Boost Recharge Item + Awaken Temporary Personality Boost
Might Boost Heroism + Cure Poison Temporary Might Boost
Endurance Boost Shield + Cure Poison Temporary Endurance Boost
Luck Boost Shield + Heroism Temporary Luck Boost

Black Potions (requires Alchemy Grandmaster)
Name Recipe Effect
Pure Accuracy Stone Skin + Cure Disease + Awaken Adds 50 points*
to Accuracy
Recharge Item + Awaken
+ Cure Poison
Adds 50 points*
to Personality
Pure Intellect Harden Item + Cure Disease + Awaken Adds 50 points*
to Intellect
Pure Speed Haste + Cure Disease + Cure Poison Adds 50 points*
to Speed
Pure Might Heroism + Cure Disease + Cure Poison Adds 50 points*
to Might
Pure Endurance Shield + Awaken + Cure Poison Adds 50 points*
to Endurance
Pure Luck Recharge Item + Cure Poison
+ Stone Skin
Adds 50 points*
to Luck
* = +50 permanent, regardless of potion strength.
(May only be used once per character)

This page was made as a tweaked version of Steve Jaqvaar's Alchemy page (http://www.angelfire.com/ns/mm8/Alchemy.html).

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