R E F E R E N C E  -  W H I T E   P O T I O N S

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White Potions (requires Alchemy Master)
Visual Name Combine Effect
Heroism + Cure Poison = Might Boost Might Boost Heroism + Cure Poison Temporarily increases
Might Attribute
Harden Item + Awaken = Intellect Boost Intellect Boost Harden Item + Awaken Temporarily increases
Intellect Attribute
Recharge Item + Awaken = Personality Boost Personality Boost Recharge Item + Awaken Temporarily increases
Personality Attribute
Shield + Cure Poison = Endurance Boost Endurance Boost Shield + Cure Poison Temporarily increases
Endurance Attribute
Haste + Cure Disease = Speed Boost Speed Boost Haste + Cure Disease Temporarily increases
Speed Attribute
Stone Skin + Cure Disease = Accuracy Boost Accuracy Boost Stone Skin + Cure Disease Temporarily increases
Accuracy Attribute
Haste + Awaken = Flaming Potion Flaming Potion Haste + Awaken Temporarily adds of Flame to a weapon
Stone Skin + Cure Poison = Flaming Potion Stone Skin + Cure Poison
Heroism + Awaken = Freezing Potion Freezing Potion Heroism + Awaken Temporarily adds of Frost to a weapon
Shield + Cure Disease = Freezing Potion Shield + Cure Disease
Recharge Item + Cure Disease = Noxious Potion Noxious Potion Recharge Item + Cure Disease Temporarily adds of Poison to a weapon
Harden Item + Cure Poison = Noxious Potion Harden Item + Cure Poison
Haste + Cure Poison = Shocking Potion Shocking Potion Haste + Cure Poison Temporarily adds of Sparks to a weapon
Heroism + Cure Disease = Shocking Potion Heroism + Cure Disease
Shield + Awaken = Swift Potion Swift Potion Shield + Awaken Temporarily adds of Swiftness to a weapon
Recharge Item + Cure Poison = Swift Potion Recharge Item + Cure Poison
Stone Skin + Awaken = Cure Paralysis Cure Paralysis Stone Skin + Awaken Cures Paralysis
Harden Item + Cure Disease = Cure Paralysis Harden Item + Cure Disease
Recharge Item + Haste = Divine Restoration Divine Restoration Recharge Item + Haste Removes all conditions
except Dead, Stoned,
and Eradicated
Stone Skin + Shield = Divine Restoration Stone Skin + Shield
Harden Item + Heroism = Divine Restoration Harden Item + Heroism
Haste + Stone Skin = Divine Cure Divine Cure Haste + Stone Skin Replenishes 5 times potion strength in HP
Recharge Item + Harden Item = Divine Power Divine Power Recharge Item + Harden Item Replenishes 5 times potion strength in SP
Shield + Heroism = Luck Boost Luck Boost Shield + Heroism Temporarily increases
Luck Attribute
Harden Item + Haste = Fire Resistance Fire Resistance Harden Item + Haste Temporarily increases
Fire Resistance
Shield + Haste = Air Resistance Air Resistance Shield + Haste Temporarily increases
Air Resistance
Shield + Harden Item = Water Resistance Water Resistance Shield + Harden Item Temporarily increases
Water Resistance
Stone Skin + Heroism = Earth Resistance Earth Resistance Stone Skin + Heroism Temporarily increases
Earth Resistance
Recharge Item + Heroism = Mind Resistance Mind Resistance Recharge Item + Heroism Temporarily increases
Mind Resistance
Recharge Item + Stone Skin = Body Resistance Body Resistance Recharge Item + Stone Skin Temporarily increases
Body Resistance

All White Potions have a base price of 750 gp.

All temporary increases are by 3 times the potion strength.

All temporary actions are for 30 minutes per point of potion strength.

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