R E F E R E N C E  -  C O M P L E X   P O T I O N S

Complex Potions (requires Alchemy Skill)
Visual Name Combine Effect
Cure Wounds + Magic Potion = Cure Poison Cure Poison Cure Wounds + Magic Potion Removes the Poisoned condition
Magic Potion + Cure Weakness = Awaken Awaken Magic Potion + Cure Weakness Removes the Asleep condition
Cure Wounds + Cure Weakness = Cure Disease Cure Disease Cure Wounds + Cure Weakness Removes the Diseased condition

This page is a tweaked version of Steve Jaqvaar's Alchemy page. The images were extracted by Steve from the game using StOrmCat's editor and altered by him (and TELP) for aesthetic and visibility reasons.
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