Church of Eep

A church holy to the followers of Eep. It smells faintly of damp fur and cheese.

Church of Eep

This Dungeon is in Ravage Roaming.

You will be confronted with Wererats in their Human Form, Wererats in their Ratman Form and Wererats in their Rat Form.

The default Respawn/Refill time for this Dungeon is 2 years.

The default Perception value of this Region is 16.  Your party's Perception value is determined by the highest-rated single character.  It is equal to the Skill level times the Rank multiplier.

The default Disarm value of this Region is 12.  Your character's Disarm value is equal to the Disarm Skill level times the Rank multiplier plus the most potent Skill level boost provided by a single Item.

The default Trap value is 4 on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is the most damaging.

Randomly generated Treasure will be of medium-low quality.

Church of Eep

No Quests are given in this Dungeon.

The following Quests have destinations in this Dungeon.

Find the Cheeses

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