R E F E R E N C E  -  D E F I N I T I O N S

Disarm value

Each character has a Disarm value which is used to determine whether he/she can open a particular lock without releasing a trap.  The character's level in the Disarm Skill is multiplied by 1 for Normal ranking, 2 for Expert ranking, 3 for Master ranking, and 4 for Grand Master ranking.  This value may be raised by the enchantment carried on a single item, and the game automatically selects the most powerful boost.

So, let's say you had a character with a Disarm Skill level of 5 at Expert ranking who was equipped with a +4 Disarm Skill Belt and an Assassins' Dagger (which carries a +2 Disarm Skill boost).  The Disarm value for this character would be 5 (for the level) times 2 (for the ranking), then plus 4 (for the Belt and nothing for the Dagger) -- or (5x2)+4=14. 

Perception value

The Perception Skill has two benefits.  It increases a character's chances of avoiding Damage from Traps, but this is not the benefit that we're interested in here.  We're concerned with the other use -- the ability to notice hidden features.

Each character's Perception value is calculated by multiplying his/her Perception Skill level by 1 for Normal ranking, 2 for Expert ranking, 3 for Master ranking, and 4 for Grand Master ranking.  The entire party -- or at least you -- gets to see hidden features revealed to the character with the highest value. 

Please note that there are no enchantments that boost Perception Skill.  The Luck Attribute will give a breakpoint boost to the Trap avoidance calculations, but nothing else will help turn hidden features red.

Respawn/Refill Times

Almost every area will periodically regenerate its randomly generated Monsters and Treasures.  These are initially generated when you first enter an area.  This time is recorded and the area will regenerate when the Respawn/Refill time has passed.

Please note that a few areas do not use this value but instead rely on programmed events.  Some areas use both methods and a few areas will respawn and refill every time you enter them.


Sources of randomly generated Treasure are assigned one of six different treasure levels -- L1 through L6.  The source's level determines the selection and distribution of possible Items as well as the type and strength of potential enchantments to be placed on them.  On average, L1 sources generate the least valuable Treasure and L6 the most valuable.  L6 sources are the only ones that can generate Named Items such as Artifacts and Relics.

These levels correspond directly to the six grades of Ore which can be found.


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