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Some folks really get into organizing their packs. If you are one of those then you probably have developed your own system and know how useful it is. If you don't like to do it then there's no reason to tell you that you should. However, if you are playing the game with a partner then you may find that one of you likes to arrange things while the other doesn't. The tidy one should take the controls from time to time and clean up while the other one leaves the room.

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Don't drop Items expecting to be able to get them later. There's no guarantee that they'll still be there when you come back once you reload. This is particularly true of dropping things outdoors.

The best rule to follow here is not to pick something up if you don't have room for it. If you leave it untouched then it will stay around indefinitely -- perhaps even through the next refill. Fallen Monsters will also wait for you to loot them, though only until their replacements arrive.

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You can store things safely in Chests, but only for a while. The contents will be emptied when an area resets. This also holds true for the Merchant House of Alvar, although you are led to think otherwise.

The strategy that is universally adopted is to store things in the packs of characters that are waiting for you at the Adventurer's Inns. The further you get in the game the more characters will be available and you'll be able to squirell away tons of stuff for later use or sale.

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Ah, but what to keep and what to unload, that's the eternal question. We've written elsewhere in these pages about when to keep and sell Scrolls and Wands. Here are some more suggestions.

The most common reason for keeping something is so you can sell it later for a better price than you could get presently. If this is the case, figure your Items' value (in GP) per inventory space (in squares) and keep those Items with value densities above a certain number. Expect this number to rise as the game progresses.

Another reason to keep things is for future enchanting. Using the Enchant Spell on Weapons requires Grandmastery in Water Magic; other enchantable Items require only Mastery. Items to be enchanted must have a minimum value, but if you want that spoiler information then you'll have to ask someone at TELP's MM8 Tavern. Raising the value of Items with Potions or other Spells doesn't have the same value restrictions that the Enchant Spell does.

A third good reason to hold onto things is for special combat situations later on. You'll want to store weapons that deliver double damage against a particular type of Monster, or good weapons or pieces of armor for which no one in your current party is qualified. Items which are not as good as your current ones but grant high levels of a Resistance might come in handy against certain Monsters.

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You can almost always make at least a little more room in your packs, like when you're trying to waddle back to town after cleaning out a Dungeon. The easiest thing to do is to mix up some Potions. Wear all the jewelry you can regardless of Enchantments. Carry your largest Shields and wear your bulkiest Armor. A character who normally fights with one type of weapon might be able to carry a bigger one instead, like arming a Necromancer with a Staff instead of a Dagger.

When you can't wear or pack anything else, you can always carry one more thing in front of you on the tip of the mouse arrow. Just make it the largest Item of all and pick it up last. You can cross between areas safely this way, and you can talk to characters outside and behind doors, but drop your cargo outside before dealing with shops and traders. You'll be able to retrieve it when you exit.

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