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Use the Stat boosts provided by Wells and Spell Pedestals. The benefits will be most useful earlier in the game when smaller Stat increases are needed to reach the next breakpoint (ie, bonus level). Later in the game you will be drinking White Potions and casting Spells at higher levels than the Pedestals.

Spells (and Scrolls) that you cast and Spells from a Pedestal are not cumulative. The latest one will grant the effect. The Stat boosts from Wells and White Potions, however, are independant and cumulative.

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After raising your Stats you will probably have a greater capacity for Hit Points and/or Spell Points. Use the refill Wells, Temples or Potions to use this new capacity before going into combat.

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Sometimes you find a potent stat-boosting enchantment on an otherwise worthless Item, like a Hat with +12 Intellect. You wouldn't want to go into battle wearing it, but you don't need to. Have your character wear or carry the Item while sleeping, training, travelling or having their Hit Points or Spell Points refilled by some other means. Afterwards, remember to swap these items out for more practical ones or else you'll be fighting Monsters while wearing pajamas.

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