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Your characters reach higher levels by accumulating Experience Points (XP) and then, when they have enough, training up at a Gym. Some players train their characters whenever they have enough XP to do so. Others, in order to take less time (and get a higher final score) never train, instead hiring ever more powerful characters and improving their main character's abilities with Horseshoes and other bonuses. This is a crucial distinction between two extreme types of play and you need to decide where your style fits in.

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Regardless of your playing style, there are some things you'll want to know anout the mechanics of training. First, it takes the same amount of time to train one character up a certain number of levels as it does to train all your current party members up the same number of levels. As long as you're training one character you might as well train them all.

The other important thing to know is the amount of time it takes to train. Training up always ends at 9am and takes one week per level plus the time needed to advance your clock to 9am the following morning. Thus, if one trains up several levels, the first level will take at least 7 days 15 hours and subsequent levels will take 8 days.

This gives a particularly useful strategy to those of us who wish to train. By only training one level at a time we can spend the hours between 9am and 6pm helping natives, saving the world, and shopping for cool stuff.

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Different Gyms have different limits as to the level to which you can train. Basically, the tougher the neighborhood the higher the level -- and the more it costs. The specific limits by location are given on the next screen.

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Dagger Wound Island Rites of Passage 5
Ravenshore Gymnasium 15
Alvar Guild Training Hall 25
Garrote Gorge Godric's Gauntlet 25
Shadowspire Assassin's School 200
Balthazar Lair Balthazar Academy 200

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