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A caution first. The game will occasionally give you a Potion with a power of 0. It's a bug. Some folks have reported problems with their games after using them. In any event, your characters will get no benefit from drinking them. You might be able to mix more complex potions with them, but it's safest just to sell them.

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You don't need to have an Alchemy Expert (or better) in your party, but the game will be easier if you do. We've discussed the role of Potions elsewhere in these pages and won't repeat ourselves, but there is a bit more that should be mentioned.

The most basic role of the Potions is to replenish Hit Points and Spell Points. You'll always want to have some Red Potions or their makings on hand in case you need to revive your healer. The Spell Points gained from a Blue Potion of a given strength can be converted into more Hit Points than would be gained by a Red Potion of equal strength, but your healer needs to be awake and not otherwise preoccupied.

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White Potions are useful throughout the game. The White Potions Divine Cure and Divine Power are more powerful than the Red and Blue Potions. White Potions that boost stats can give a greater increase than the Black Potions, but you won't want to waste time sleeping or traveling while they're active. Other White Potions let you add extra Damage to an otherwise unenchanted Weapon -- great for special situations.

Even if you don't train one of your characters up to Master Alchemy you'll eventually be able to have one in your service or waiting for you at an Adventurer's Inn. Until then, consider buying White Potions when you come across them in Shops.

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