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Money should not be a problem in this game -- or at least it won't be for long. It's normal to be low on cash in the beginning, and you might run out if you are trying to buy a lot of expensive Spellbooks for a Magic-heavy team, but there are ways out of these predicaments.

If you haven't gotten off of Dagger Wound Island yet there are four easy ways to raise money. There's an endless supply of Pirates to kill and loot. Of course the same goes for Lizardman Warriors, but you'll probably just want to loot their fallen carcasses.

Stop in at the The Grog and Grub Tavern; you'll get gold for winning your first game of Arcomage. You can also sell Tobersk Brandy from the crates in the caravan. There's a Lizardman in town who will give you a good price for it.

Finally, if you've got less than 100gp and a Luck stat of more than 14, there's a well in town that will give you 1000gp. This will work three times.

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There are some ways to make serious money later in the game if you find yourself a bit low. You can put your Skills to good use by buying Items, raising their value and re-selling them. This can be done by using Enchant, GM Fire Aura, and GM Vampiric Weapon. You can also mix Potions for sale, the more complex the better.

Win your first game of Arcomage in all known Taverns. Go on a Bounty Hunt or win at the Arena. The harder the challenge the more you'll earn.

Finally, there are three trading triangles that you can run, in whole or in part. The first two can be worked fairly quickly with the help of Town Portal. All can be run more quickly with Lloyd's Beacon. You only need capital, pack space and Spell Points to get started. There are a few restrictions that we'll let you discover for yourself, and prices vary daily, but that shouldn't be a big concern.

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