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Everyone agrees. The ability to attack your opponents from a distance is very important. Bows allow your characters to do this without depleting Spell Points or Wands. All your character's who can should carry Bows and get the highest Skill rank that their class allows. ASAP.

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Enchanted Bows are that much more powerful. A good Bow without an enchantment is very useful because it can be given a temporary enchantment which suits your current needs. There are two low level Spells and four White Potions which will do the trick.

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There are two considerations when deciding which characters should use your best Bows, but they are seldom at odds. On the one hand you want your character with the highest Bow skill to carry your strongest Bow. On the other hand you also want characters without powerful magical attacks to be able to attack effectively from a distance.

If your characters are equally trained toward their highest Skill rank then there should be no hard decisions to make. Give your Bows in order of strength to your Dark Elf, Knight, Troll, Minotaur, Cleric, Vampire, and finally Necromancer.

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