A N S W E R S  -  D U N G E O N  T I P S

We developed this index with a great deal of help from TELPer Tennesee Ernie Ford.  Dungeons appear in order of increasing difficulty.  Since everyone's parties and skills are different we can't tell you what level you should be at for each one, but we can tell you roughly how hard a Dungeon will be compared to others.

Please note that certain Dungeons can not be rated for various reasons.  These Dungeons are listed at the end.

 Chapel of Eep
 Abandoned Temple
 Dire Wolves Den
 Smuggler's Cove
 Church of Eep
 Troll Tomb
 Grand Temple of Eep
 Pirate Stronghold
 Small Sub Pen
 Balthazar Lair
 Barbarian Fortress
 Ogre Fortress
 Wasp Nest
 Temple of the Sun
 Ancient Troll Home
 Vampire Crypt
 Pirate Outpost
 Naga Vault
 Prison of the Lord of Earth
 Passage Under Regna
 Dark Dwarf Compound
 Cyclops Larder
 Uplifted Library
 Dragon Hunter's Camp
 Druid Circle
 Abandoned Pirate Keep
 Chain of Fire
 The Crypt of Korbu
 War Camp
 Mad Necromancer's Lab
 Ilsingore's Cave
 Prison of the Lord of Water
 Prison of the Lord of Air
 Escaton's Palace
 Necromancers' Guild
 Old Loeb's Cave
 Castle of Air
 Yaardrake's Cave
 Prison of the Lord of Fire
 Dragon Cave
 Plane of Earth
 Castle of Fire
 Escaton's Crystal

 Tomb of Lord Brinne
 Merchant House of Alvar

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