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Steve Jaqvaar, Musical And Ritual Adviser for the Guild Of The Wooden Flute and TELP member, has provided the following:

Lord Brinne was a poster on the old MM6 WWWBoard. More of an Ultima fan, he is remembered by those who knew him as the voice of reason, a friendly and always jolly person who solved disputes and guided newbies. I did not have the chance to really get to know him, so I could not tell you much. We only spoke a couple of times briefly.

His death came as a shock to the whole RPG community, and naturally to the Might and Magic fans who knew him. In July 1999, Guthwulf (at the time the 3DO webmaster) asked Zoop (the producer of the series) to include some sort of tribute to Lord Brinne in the upcoming "Day of the Destroyer". There was also a thought to include a group of friends known as "the Guild Of the Wooden Flute" in one of the future M&M games. Eventually, there was a proposal to make some sort of mausoleum in honour of Lord Brinne and have the GWF guard it.

The Guild was much smaller at the time (14-15 members, if I remember well), but much more active. Zoop asked me to provide a list of people we would offer to guard the tomb. Later on (just before the game came out), DaveO made another list, and eventually we combined the two and gave Zoop 12 names, to which he also added King Louis and Guthwulf (14 in total). There are many who believe that perhaps the guards should be Lord Brinne's personal friends, rather than some musicians who hardly knew him. I will actually agree with this, though it is hard to define such values.

All I can say is that we are honoured to guard the tomb, and have been doing our best at it. I only have a faint memory of his Lordship, while others don't even have that. Yet we often feel a warmth radiating from his sarcophagus...or could that be the music of the Flute?

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There is no treasure here, save for the fellowship shared by those that these games have brought together. The symbol of that fellowship is yours for the asking, and you might find it useful later....

There is only one known way to kill the members of Lord Brinne's honor guard and we won’t tell you what it is. They will not attack you, even if you attack them first. They carry only a little gold and you will get no experience points by killing them.

Go in peace.

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