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With no ranged attacks, Tritons aren't that formidable.  As you might expect, they are Immune to Water Damage and have no Resistance to Fire Damage.

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The sloping ramps in this dungeon are your allies.  Tritons will repeatedly slide back down these ramps in turn-based mode.  They may or may not slide down each time they are hit depending on the speed of your system.  You can stand at the top of a ramp and let the Tritons come to you, peppering them in turn-based mode with your bows until they drop.

If this seems too much like shooting fish in a barrel, you can toss arrows in real time until one of them gets too close.  Then press Enter to get to turn-based mode and the Tritons will slide down the ramps waiting for their turn. Usually. ;-)

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Eventually you will find a Fountain which replenishes Hit Points.  You can stand next to this Fountain and fight as carelessly as you want to, turning to drink in turn-based mode as often as necessary.

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