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Gogs are no fun.  They don't make good friends, they don't make interesting conversation, and they don't play fair.  They're programmed to maintain a certain distance when they attack you and move sideways, firing at you with their ranged Fire attacks.  In here this means that they're usually behind a wall and you'll have to get close in order to hit them.  Then they explode when they die, dealing you some Damage as a parting gift.

Well, you don't have to kill any Gogs to satisfy the Quest, but you have to get past several, so...

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Prepare for Gogs by boosting your Fire Resistance.  The Fire Resistance Pedestal in Ironsands will grant a boost of 20 points; you probably can't do better than that with your own Spells.  The boosts to Resistance by Potions is additive to that granted by Spells/Scrolls/Pedestals, but you probably shouldn't use the Fire Resistance Potions that you were given to deliver to the citizens of Rust.

You'll be using plenty of Spells, so bring along some blue Potions or their makings.  This is also a good time to use up those Wands and Scrolls you've been carrying around.  Gogs are resistant, but not Immune, to Fire Damage.  They're completely vulnerable to everything else.
Remember to cast Preservation before you go in.  It's hard to know when you're far enough away to avoid a Gog's dying explosion.

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The best shot you'll get at Gogs is during your first round.  If there's only one, you may be able to take it down before it moves.  If in doubt, use Slow on it.  If there is more than one then it will be unlikely that you'll take them all out before they scatter.  Instead, use Berserk.  This will keep all of them busy and in one place while you pick them off.

By the way, don't bother trying to Re-Animate Gogs.  It won't work.  The game gives you the message, "Club."  Your spellcaster looses Spell Points but not his or her turn.  Very odd.

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Your best Bows might be as effective as most attacking Spells, and they'll definitely hold out longer than your Spell Points, but certain Spells deserve special mention.

You may need to attack Gogs who have placed themselves around corners.  If you have another one at which to aim, Ice Blast ight work very well.  If not, then Rock Blast can do the trick.  It's a bit more costly and tricky to use, but it can clear out one of these rooms quite nicely.

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Finally, two other tactics might prove useful.

First, remember that you can push a Gog away with Stun if it gets too close.  You want to be a safe distance when you deal the final blow.

Second, you can often give a fleeing Gog a place to go by opening up a door for it.  Everybody's happy; it gets away from you and you put it in a nice tight stairwell with no corners to hide behind.  Click the door if you're close enough or else hit it with Telekinesis.

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