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You've figured out how to cross the room, right? When you didn't follow the pattern on the ceiling you fell to the room below. You got a good view of the path and the four chests from there. After you fell the third time the pattern appeared on the floor. NWC was being nice to you; they won't be so generous later on.

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Did you notice the hidden door on the minimap as you approached the room the first time? If you've played these games before you probably went downstairs and cleared out the Couatl first. You also made sure to cast Feather Fall.

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Three of the chests can be reached from the pathway. The one to the SW is the closest and the one to the NE is a bit farther away. You'll need to get right on the point of that bend in the path to reach the SE chest. You must X-jump to get to the chest in the NW corner, but...

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Don't expect to land on the platform alongside the chest. You must click on the chest while you're in mid-air. The game will pause while you empty it. You'll continue your descent after you close the lid.

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