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Simon Templar shares his name with the main character of Leslie Charteris' novels about "the Saint", which were freely abapted into a British TV series (starring a pre-"James Bond" Roger Moore) and a Hollywood movie (starring Val Kilmer).

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Simon Templar might be very handy to have around, especially if your party is currently light on melee. He also knows how to use a Bow and will be able to help out with ranged attacks. If you have any doubts you might as well take him along. He won't be displacing anyone else, and you can always dismiss him at any time.

On the other hand...

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Simon doesn't provide any skills that are essential for completing this Dungeon. Leaving him behind gives the rest of the party a larger share of experience points. No matter what you do after you leave the Temple, you'll always be able to find him at either Adventurer's Inn.

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