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It would, but this edge doesn't really pay off in any way when compared to KKKC
06/28/2018, 10:42:21

    Istrebitel writes:

    Yeah but like, there's no point taking KKKK over KKKC since one C boosts K's damage more than 1/3rd of the way up. And if you have KKKC you don't really care to evade damage as you can easily tank it with Regeneration and, if needed, Shared Life.

    AAAC just seems to be inferior in all sense to KKKC.

    I mean, GM Prot from Magic really is the balance breaker here. If only it didn't exist, or didn't need GM to counter instant death, or you could get GM level from scrolls or hireable NPC, or you could use Raise Dead to replace Paralyzed condition with Zombie condition, that would change everything. But since you must take either a C or multiple S with you to counter instant death (S using Lloyd to go back to temple and return) that means you have to have a C in a physical damage party, and in that case, you don't really have to evade attacks when you have Ks...

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