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You are right about the instructor
10/24/2016, 14:14:07

    Jacko writes:

    I have Master learning and Scholar cap for 15 points learning bonus so it is theoretically 75% bonus to exp. Unless i again got the math wrong.

    And what about the Fallen Wizard for 6 hour of HoP? Well maybe not entirely as I noticed Haste has no effect when 3 members dead. Weird. I tested it. All alive - Haste ok. 3 dead - no Haste. But still - bless shield and heroism are nice. Stone skin looks to me negligable. And then I would only need Haste potions.

    Bless from fallen wizard gives a nice bonus to attack and shoot raising it from 30ish to 40is by 10 so it is more then 30% difference! Looks big on paper. And in reality? Is it worthwhile?

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