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Message from the speedrun creator
06/09/2016, 06:29:31

    gammadragon writes:

    Hi all, glad you liked the MM7 speedrun video! I've added a link to the Speed Demos Archive forum thread which explains most of the details and shares some progress as it was created.

    To clear up a few things:
    * I reloaded a fair amount of times to get each section just right, then stitched the videos together. This is allowed by the SDA rules and is called a "segmented speedrun". You can usually tell where the cutoff points are at because the music suddenly stops - I also included the Save/Load screens at each of the cutoff points.
    * The game speed was not altered at all, and no mods were installed (version 1.1 was used from The video should be at standard speed (at least, that's how fast it plays on my system).
    * It took about 10 reloads to do the Eeofol tunnels. Sometimes there are too many behemoths randomly generated and they block the tunnels so it's impossible to squeeze through.
    * There were no editors used to create items, but a lot of reloading was done in front of shops to force a particular combination of items to spawn inside (two "Lloyd's Beacon" scrolls are particularly rare).
    * No cheats were used, but from memory I did take advantage of a couple of glitches in the game:
    - Wishing well can be used by dead characters by holding right mouse button and space
    - Blaster recovery time can reach zero (not sure if this is really a bug, but it feels like an exploit)

    There's a high quality version of the video available at Speed Demos Archive - just google "SDA MM7".

    Also, I'm a Might and Magic fan from way back, my first was MM2 back in the 80s

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