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I don't think anyone's had any experience with Win10 and MM7 yet.
05/23/2016, 04:46:39

    Peter2 writes:

    I certainly haven't, after some of my friends' experiences, I've avoided installing the upgrade on any of my boxes. I might start using it when I finally have to upgrade to a new computer.

    However, let's start with some questions:
    1. Have you applied the official game patch to eliminate the Lich Jar bug and install other minor fixes?
    2. Have you found and applied Mok's MM7 patch?

    Those are probably the first two steps in any attempt to get MM7 to run, and you may need further help. I think there's a thread in one of the other MM Taverns where somebody is trying to persuade a game to run on MM10 you might want to have a look at the ones you've not checked.

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