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clvl 45
01/21/2016, 08:02:32

    Jack writes:

    Money did turn out to be an issue but not anymore - I remembered I still had to do sniper promotion so cast invisibility, collected everything which is there to collect from avlee titan stronghold, followed by some item enchanting and it netted me approx 80k gp So now money is no object

    Got Learning and Meditation to Master 10 as I like round numbers and Dark to GM 15.

    And went about killing dragons in tita stronghold.

    Easy - wand of paralyzing to start the fight and then pointblak shrapmetal, as you pointed out.

    Even more gold and nice loot - got +25 alchemy ring and +25 HP leather.

    Im still on the lookout for +max HP items and maybe 'of protection".

    Still dragons left to loot

    Otoh, titans do pose a threat - are tougher then dragons but i just invisibly pass ast them and focus on dragons only.

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