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Just hit clvl 40
01/20/2016, 04:51:10

    Jack writes:

    Going solo with Instructor / teacher, Master Learning 7 and Scholar cap has its perks When killing mobs levles go pretty quickly.

    Lich promo easy with invisibility.

    Dark proving grounds took about half hour and many reloads to pull off with invisibility but fighting was too difficult to the point of impossible.

    Cleared Nighon of all hydras with Starburst / Meteor shower. Easy. More difficult are fights with low lvl critters innsmall enclosed spaces.

    But now Dark GM lvl 14 + 7 bonus from staff. Collecting money for Souldrinker.

    Things are waaay easier and managable with dark magic. With souldrinker its gonnna be right on.

    Now I cam back to do all the quests and clear all areas.

    Need to kill a few dragons to collect some pieces of equipment - I need all with max hp bonus and an item with 23+ alchemy.

    Money isnt much of a problem. Going all the way with basic merchant only. With one toon it doesnt matter much - all equippment from lootng monsters.

    Now I have to try arenas for some extra levels . See what the ratio time to exp gained looks like. If its too time consuming and exp not good then go on.

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