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Already clvl 20
01/18/2016, 03:28:12

    Jack writes:

    FLy and invisibility all the way.

    All (?) lamps found and consumed for 8 skill points each.

    Passed to Nighon invisibly - was easier then expected.

    Did the timed quests also with invisibility - will come back later to clear all areas.

    Chose Dark, of course *evil grin*.

    Now Lich Promo in progress - got my 1st key in walls of mist.

    But Dark Proving Grounds will be a PAIN. It makes me rethink my approach to elemental magics - so I migh go Water GMaster, Air GMAster and Fire Master for meteor and do some fighting befor actually attemting the dark proving grounds.

    Some more quests already covered:
    - found arcomage deck and cleared the white cliff caves

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