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Rady to leave the Emerald island
01/15/2016, 02:20:29

    Jack writes:

    Hmm, although dead they do get some exp - for quests's completion, but not for killing monsters. I thought they would receive 0 exp if dead. funny.

    I was watching a movie late night on TV and mindlessly multilooting the por thing. This is what I got after approx one hrour and a half:
    - almost 30,000 gp
    - scholar cap
    - ethric staff
    - leather armour with 30 fire res and hp regen (nice, will offset negative hp regen from staff)
    - boots with 23 hp bonus
    - cloak with 25 hp bonus
    - ring with +18 luck
    - ring with +21 AC
    - ring with 17 sp
    - griffin bow of thunders (top tier electric dmg)
    - black potions of endurance, luck and personality (penalty from
    cap offset completely atm)
    - a wand of clouds, paralysis and distortion

    The wand of clouds came in handy as I sold the bow and I had to kill the temple swordsman to get one for scavenger quest.

    Cleared everything and able to train almost to 7.

    I have a scholar and a teacher atm.

    When all set I will be travelling with a spellmaster and an instructor.

    Btw, can i killed everyone on Emerald island for some extra exp or will it have some negative impoact on the gameplay?

    When in harmondale I will do some quest wih fly & invisibility - wizard promotion, cleric promotion, crusader promotion (already got the hang of killing dragon at clvl one with wands in real time), archer promotion.

    I will also collect some genie lamps from bracada and Dayja.

    And quickly do The Choice quest and back to gaming, clearing everything and the like...

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